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opinions wanted.


the above link is to my art blog. Im working on a apinting that I need some opinions on. i switched the panels of the painting and now love it. but now one of the outer elements is on the interior and are not finsihed. please check out my blog and give your opinon on what I should do. thanks

help a girl out...

for fun I entered a britney spears dance contest but i did it my way.
so please check out the video and rate. thanks!

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la pared.

spooky burlesque show performance.

I did have a few techincal difficulties. I wasnt happy when I walked off stage but looking back its not as bad as I thought.

a poem and video

My beauty starts in my soul and radiates down into my walk.

That's when you notice the curves of my hips and the fullness of my breasts.
You look into my eyes and see the passion in my heart.

I struggle with the idea of beauty.
They tell me beauty is perfection.
Beauty in the the flaws.
Its what makes us interesting.

They tell me I'm short.
I say I'm travel size.
Beside good things come in small packages.

They tell me I'm fat
I just say I'm built for comfort not for speed.
Besides I got great set of headlights and a nice bumper.

I'm tired of comments and of being judged.
Being told I can't do something of my size.

Crazy dance no offense but she's big.
Why thank you had you not told me
I wouldn't of known.
Do you think I didn't look in the mirror.
Do you think I'm blind and can not see.

You snicker me at cause I show my belly.
Ewwwww you say before running away.
Just because u can't find the beauty in yourself doesn't give you the right to demean others.

Its my body and I do with it what I want to.
If you don't like it
I won't be sorry
If don't get to me know me because of the way I look.
Then its you I pity.
Your the one who loses.

merry christmas!!

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cause im feeling blue.

cause im feeling im going to post something that amused me.